Saturday, October 03, 2009

Role of a project manager

So what is the role of a project manager?

In general, I think it is to create an environment that allows people to collaborate and execute to common goals. Project Manager has to be strategic in their ability to lead people to delivery of the planned outcomes in a way that desired outcomes are planned by the team (collaboratively)and not the project manager. Project Manager should lead the team stepwise to the goal in a collaborative way - without telling the team what to do. Projects are often successful if the end goal is team's idea and not the manager's - but starts off as a manager's idea.

A project manager should have the ability to ask questions but may not answer them all. Utilizing Subject Matter Experts to get the questions answered helps with collaboration and ultimately with project success.

A project manager should provide headlight visibility of task assigned to an individual - without giving constant reminder to team members. Most people would appreciate a reminder but too many of such reminders may give a feeling of being oppressed (and stressed as a result).

Last but not least, a project manager has to be innovative in their ability to manage situations and make decision that help align strategic initiatives to tactical actions - align budget, scope, quality and schedule to achieving goals in a good team environment. Easier said then done - but is possible.