Friday, September 06, 2013

Case studies are not enough for experience based learning in project management

You are in a class to learn how to create a fantastic project plan. And you are handed a case study. You work with a team and you produce results. You walked away from the class. Did you walk with a bag of tricks to combat real world situations?

Probably some.

At De Anza we take Project Management coaching to a whole new level. You are working on a case study actively in a class room, you are in the middle and not your coach. Your coach has your back. Your fail or run into a road block, you get an answer. Your are taught how to work with people to create good plans because plans are for people. It is not just creating a plan, it is building a team when planning as you are working with people.

As a project manager:

  • What should you do if your team members are not motivated?
  • How do you inspire the super producers?
  • How do you create an environment of healthy competition?
  • How do you learn human persona and intentions quickly?
  • How to use under skilled individuals and grow them?
  • How to identify leaders from an early stage? and how to create a balanced environment where strategic goals are met and you are not ignoring the human aspect of work?

We help you answer these questions.

As a project manager, you have to know your goals, project goals, goals for your team members and you have to constantly watch the goals and without confrontation use techniques to keep your "project car" in the lane, at the right speed so you can get to your destination. You have to watch your speed, not go too fast or too slow otherwise quality of what you produce with your teams is not going to be so good.

My personal goal is to help Project Managers create value through their work and outside of their work. Come take a taste of what we have to offer.

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