Monday, June 12, 2006

Transaction Management and Project Management

What does Transaction Management and Project Management have in common?
Yes I am talking about Transaction Management with Databases and Distributed Systems.
They are both a unit of work in which all participating operation should either succeed or fail and recover together. How many times have you thought about your projects in this context?

Of'course things become a little more complicated when you are working on several projects together that may have dependencies on each other. You have to coordinate tasks to manage such dependencies and synchronize the effort of several tasks. The other element is of thinking of risk mitigation and preparing for failures to ensure that project timeline and budget don't suffer. And if they do how do you proactively communicate so you can have a safe landing versus a hard landing.

The solution lies in knowing a project management theory such as PMBOK which amplifies the characteristics of planning, risk mitigation, execution, control and closing. Once you know this theory, contrasting it with Transaction Management theory reinforces the concept.


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